Milford Fine Arts Celebrates 40th Anniversary

Last Saturday, the Milford Fine Arts Council celebrated the 40th Anniversary of their existence.


Next to the  's office and just past the Probate Court, a number of art pieces hang on the walls of the . Recently, some pieces have gone missing, with an accompanying sign: "I am on loan to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the . Will be back soon. - Curators, Milford Fine Arts Council."

This sign accompanied the absence of "Self-Portrait," a piece by inarguably one of Milford's finest artists, the late Roger Van Damme. 

The Milford Fine Arts Council (MFAC)'s 40th Gala Celebration was Saturday, June 23rd at the . In addition to being free to the public, a number of events accompanied the proceedings, including:

  • New England Guitar Society - Brian Torrest & Matthew Cassidy
  • Eastbound Theatre - "Dining Room" vignette
  • Tango - Demo with Gem Duras & Cristiane Fozzatti
  • Art - Demo with Al Leiper
  • Wood Carving - Demo with Bill Brill
  • Jazz - Michaela Coppola & Amanda Bellitto
  • Coffeehouse - Celtic music with Cece Borjeson & Ruth George
  • Writers Group - reading of "Crossroads" by Sandy Bedlovies

So, the next time you're visiting the Tax Collector, walk a little further and enjoy some of the art provided by the MFAC. And don't worry: "Self-Portrait" will be back on display soon enough.


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