4 the Arts: A Chat with David Wanta

Artist, animator and comedian David Wanta talked with Milford Patch about how he first fell in love with animation and his latest projects.


How did you first get involved in the arts?

I went to Orlando, Florida in the early 90's. I went on a tour of an animation studio that was finishing up 'Aladdin.' We saw people drawing, inking, and painting seemingly the same drawings over and over.  Some old woman in the group said, "No thank you, too much monotony for me." 

"Not for me,"  I thought.  And like most dreams of a 6-year-old, you should chase them until you go broke and ruin your future.

What is your latest project? 

I just finished digitally laying out a Ringo Starr project that's going to be made of starburst wrappers.  Then I will have said all I needed to say with "pixel art" for the time being.  I'm also working on a short that'll be a parody of 'Are You My Mother?'.  

I'm always uploading stuff to my YouTube channel, DeeDub124, and my blog dubtumblrdubcom.tumblr.com

What advice do you wish you'd received when you first got started? 

How hard it is to get into the biz, would be a good start.  Well, they do tell you that in college a lot, but they never get the "Why It's Hard" quite right.  The closest they get is the "More Grads Than Jobs" theory. 

When students hear this they panic and lock themselves in their rooms and work hard on getting better and learning programs.  In reality, finding and keeping work is equal parts being good, being social, and being lucky.  And you need any two.

4. Who are some local artists people should check out?

Jackyn Massari


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