Woodmont Names Roads to Be Plowed, Still Waiting for City List

The City of Milford has not yet released a priority list of streets to be plowed.


Concerned citizens in Milford have taken it upon themselves to find out which streets in Milford are cleared and which still need to be plowed in a Facebook group and on Milford Patch's Facebook page.

In Woodmont, they expect "all roads to be passable in time for residents to report for work on Monday," no word on Milford's schedule yet.

The Burrough of Woodmont released the following letter to residents:

To all borough residents,

This record breaking storm dropping 38” of snow has pushed borough resources to the limit.  Snow this deep can not be removed by snowplows.  Pay loaders must be used instead to pick up the snow, pile it and/or haul it away. This makes the process painfully slow and limits the resources.

I know many of you are frustrated with the rate that our roads are getting cleared and have concerns about getting to work or being able to refill essential prescriptions.

Public Works contractor Mallico reports that he expects all roads to be passable in time for residents to report for work on Monday.
The short list of roads to be cleared, in no particular order, are Village Rd., Kensington St., Blackhall Rd.,  all of the dead end roads of of New Haven Ave. and Beach Ave.

This is subject to change.

I have set up an two email addresses for this storm.

The first is urgentsnow@barrettoc.com

I want to know if: 
You are in need of medication
You are a hospital or primary care worker
You have an urgent issue

The second is boroughblizzard@barrettoc.com.

Use this to help me and the warden monitor road status.
Send your address, time, and status. (Open, closed or totally cleared.)

Please do not send complaints at this time.  After everything is over, we will seek public comment to evaluate the boroughs performance and make adjustments.


John Barrett
Senior Burgess

FRANCES February 10, 2013 at 06:33 PM
resoures we have 1 person doing the street in woodmont!!!! Why do we have a private plow driver anyway...why not have the city do it??? we pay taxes to both!!!!
Michael Brown February 10, 2013 at 06:37 PM
Woodmont pays taxes to the borough and the city, but the borough has chosen to take care of plowing for themselves. The city gives the borrow an annual grant.
dion February 11, 2013 at 01:27 AM
is Ansantawae Rd. on the city map. It must be because the tax bills always get here. We are always the last to get plowed.


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