LETTER: 'The Fate of Milfordʼs Heritage — Our Trees'

"Please reconsider and respect what little of historic beauty is left us from our past, it can never be reinstated or reincarnated," Denise Morris Curt writes about the city's trees in her letter to the editor.

To the Editor:

Poets, painters, photographers, and writers have all paid homage to our Milford trees, some trees more majestic or memorable than others. 

Each year some of these beloved giants are cut down or mutilated by hurricanes, road widening, and recently tons of overhead wiring replace their branches, because “they are in the way."

Like venerable ancestors they deserve our respect. 

2The golden leaves of autumn can be a nuisance, but the wonder in children’s eyes widening with pleasure as they pluck a brilliant red or golden leaf lying upon the grass like a jewel, and presenting it to a parent, friend, or teacher is a timeless memory. 

I have lived on Green Street for over fifty years remembering its beautiful avenue of trees which offered us a canopy of protective shade, and trunks to prevent the hurtling, destructive vehicles from crashing into our homes. (I have lost 3 of these guardians on the corner of Pond and Green streets) The thoughtless and horrific trimming cannot be undone, saplings will not replace the charm of what past generations bequeathed to us.

In southern France a two thousand year old olive tree lives in Roquebrun, it is revered and cherished. 

The town of Guilford respects its historic homes, where Milford has destroyed most of them, continuing to erect ugly buildings in their stead which are now outdated and crumbling ruins.

Is GREEN STREET to be renamed Brown Street with muddy walkways and violently severed trunks and branches? 

Please reconsider and respect what little of historic beauty is left us from our past, it can never be reinstated or reincarnated.

Denise Morris Curt

M Myers March 17, 2014 at 10:43 AM
I agree! I was born and raised here 53 years ago, returning 4 years ago to a Milford that I barely know. I returned to be near aging family members. The trees and the leaves were so much a part of life here. Every Fall, I would help to paint murals on the windows of our school and yes, all our roads were canopied by beautiful, graceful and colorful trees. Raking leaves in Autumn was a fun ritual as we marveled at all the rich colors. Today, most of them are all gone. For someone like me who remembers the warm, vibrant color, earthy scent, and contented quiet of the buffering trees that defined Milford in the Spring, Summer and Fall, this new Milford is a sad reflection of "progress". Instead of tress, we have ugly buildings, more people, more paved parking lots and more cars that contribute absolutely nothing to the soul beyond stress and chaos. The town of Milford has lost its way along with its elegance.


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