Devon Revitalization Committee 'Has Completed Its Mission

"There is a new spirit and a new look to the Village of Devon. Even the new name, Village of Devon, speaks of a change in attitude."

The following is a letter from Elizabeth Ditchkus, Chair, Devon Revitalization Committee:

I wish to inform you that the Devon Revitalization Committee (DRC) has completed its mission. We were charged with the job of administrating the grant funds totaling almost $5 million dollars thatwere allocated by the state to revitalize the Village of Devon. It has been a long and successful journey.

As the chair of the DRC since 2009 and member since the beginning, there are a lot of peopleto thank. Certainly thanks begin with Jim Amann, who as Speaker of the House, obtained the fundingfor Devon. The other state representatives, state senators, and mayors also deserve credit for their continued support.

Members of the committee who served deserve credit for the many volunteerhours in countless meetings that they attended. Thanks also to the people of Devon who came to ourmeetings and contributed ideas to our deliberations.

Thanks also go to our consultants, first DTC who developed the overall plan and the gatewayproject and then Milone and MacBroom, who designed the streetscape and oversaw the major portionof the work. Special credit goes to Tom Sheil from Milone and MacBroom, who led the design andengineering team that created the outstanding streetscape. To our contractor, G. Pic Construction, whobrought that design to reality.

Much appreciation to Bob Gregory and the Community Development staff who guided us overall the years to make sure our funds were spent properly. Also we thank the Public Works Department for their continued maintenance of the area.

We also thank the business community and developers who have shown faith in the Villageof Devon by opening new businesses, improving existing property, and putting new investment into the area.

Special thanks to Kingdom Life Church and their leader, Bishop Ramirez, for his personalinvolvement and the physical presence by improving all the properties under their control.

So what have we accomplished? A new gateway to Milford with the clock tower in the river overlook park, a new streetscape on Bridgeport and Naugatuck Avenues that includes a new sidewalk of brick paver and unique diamond design, plantings, lampposts, benches, bike racks and trash receptacles, a parking study that will be available for future planning, a drainage study that paves the way to alleviate flooding on Naugatuck Avenue and a new parking lot at 120 Bridgeport Avenue.

There is a new spirit and a new look to the Village of Devon. Even the new name, Village of Devon, speaks of a change in attitude. People are proud of Devon as it now serves as a special gatewayto Milford.

When coming over the Washington Bridge an entire different view is present. Businesseshave relocated here and others have improved the appearance of their buildings because of the newlook.

I thank you for the opportunity to serve and conclude with our mission accomplished.

Elizabeth Ditchkus
Chair, Devon Revitalization Committee

Downtown Milford Business Association (DMBA) February 16, 2013 at 12:55 PM
Congratulations to Elizabeth Ditchkus and all who spent countless hours dedicated to revitalizing the Village of Devon. It is most certainly a wonderful transformation. Milford is blessed with dedicated volunteers like your Committee, and indeed a unique, caring, beautiful and friendly 'Small City With A Big Heart.' Keep up the good work, and we invite you all to also visit/shop/dine/play in the Greater Downtown District, too.
Diana Nytko February 16, 2013 at 05:54 PM
Great job Libby, I have a soft spot in my heart for Devon, it's the first place in Milford that we lived in 52 years ago when we got married.
Ken Fellenbaum February 16, 2013 at 09:06 PM
One of the great things about our City is it's various communities and neighborhoods. It's terrific to see the improvements to the "Village of Devon". Congrats to all who made it happen! Continue to take pride in where you live....


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