UPDATED: Waldo The Cow Is In Custody

The Runaway "Bull" from Orange has been caught.

Waldo. William. Ferdinand. The “bull” that’s been on the lam(b?) in Milford since early summer has finally been captured, and as it turns out, that’s no bull . . . literally. According to attending veterinarian Kim McClure Brinton of Country Companions in Bethany, this cow’s a heifer.

“He’s a she!” McClure Brinton proclaimed once she’d climbed into the pen to examine the sedated cow and learned that it did not need to be castrated after all.

The heifer was spared having field surgery, and everything progressed smoothly from there.

“I think it was a great team effort,” McClure Brinton said. “We had a great team and everything went safely with help from the animal control officers to the owners of the  home where she was captured.”

The last attempt to catch the roaming cow was several months ago, but when the heifer entered the pen that had been built to contain her, the door didn’t close securely and she was able to barge her way right back out. This time, the latch engaged and East Haven ACO Owen Little shot her with a tranquilizing dart.

“The dart bounced out,” McClure Brinton said, “so we gave her a second dose and she was on the ground in 10 minutes.”

Woodbridge ACO Karen Lombardi was also on site. “Kim did a superb job with that cow tonight,” Lombardi said. “She is completely fearless and totally dedicated.”

Lombardi said once the cow was down and McClure Brinton had examined her, she was moved onto a Teflon sled and at least eight men lifted her onto a cart that was pulled out to the road by a tractor. She was then loaded into a trailer and taken to a farm in Oxford.

The heifer was captured before 5 p.m. this evening, and by 8 p.m. she had been delivered and was out from under anesthesia with no complications.

“But she was mad as hell!” McClure Brinton said.

The fencing at her new home, McClure Brinton added, is very secure and “Wilhelmina” is expected to remain contained in the future.

Richard Talnose December 18, 2011 at 01:45 PM
So Nancy, maybe you could enlighten the reader's (that don't know You) were you get your expertise in this matter, you seem to think you have all the answers to everything,and if it's not your way, it's wrong. I have known ACO Richard George since we were kids, I have had the pleasure of observing him to be a man of honesty, dedication and reliability. I find him to be a person totally devoted to fulfillment of any task, The City of Milford is lucky to have a person like Rick with his ability and integrity. I have been in Milford most of my life and would have to agree with Bob Wilson that I am also glad you don't live in our fine City. Nancy, unlike you I will sign my full name to this statement. Thank you for the opportunity to comment, Richard Talnose
Pat Liptak December 19, 2011 at 11:49 PM
I know this is late, but I was away. I had to reply to the comments I have just read. Milford Animal Control is one of the best Municipal Shelters in CT. I have known Rick George for 25 years and I know his work ethic to be incomparable. He performs his job with compassion and integrity. If he says that the cow went to a safe place to live out it's normal life, then it is so. Nancy, if I were you I would recheck my sources before spouting on a medium that everyone can read. Your facts are anything but. This situation WAS, IS, and WILL BE, under control thanks to the experts involved. In reading your postings I get the distinct feeling that you have your own agenda that doesn't necessarily have the cows best interest in the forefront. What is your tie to this sanctuary? Why are you so adamant about getting this cow out of CT. You seem like a passionate person. I would suggest that you use that passion and energy somewhere where it is needed, and would be appreciated. We have enough passion and compassion in Milford, therefore we really don't need the help. May the Spirit of Christmas touch you and warm your heart. Pat Liptak
Bob's Construction December 20, 2011 at 04:04 PM
I agree completely with Pat, Rick is a good man and I am sure you can take him for his word. I have known both Pat and Rick for a very long time, and they are the most kind hearted animal loving people I know. Heidi Hedgeland
Bob's Construction December 20, 2011 at 04:05 PM
YAY Rick! A hard job well done! Heidi Hedgeland
patricia February 23, 2012 at 05:15 PM
The cow was scared to death. And rightfully so. Humans are not to be trusted.


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