Connecticut Department of Education Says No to Opting Out of http://truthinamericaneducation.com/common-core-assessments/connecticut-department-of-education-says...

Connecticut has received a number of parental opt-out requests from assessments.  Steve Martin, an education consultant with the Connecticut State Department of Education last month wrote a two page primer on the “background, history and suggested protocols for addressing parent requests for students to ‘opt-out’ of mandated state testing.”

The Department is tells local education agencies fielding these requests no.  From the document:

There is no opt-out language in state or federal law governing assessment. Sec.10-14n of the  Connecticut Education Laws states that “Each student enrolled…in any public school shall annually take a statewide mastery examination.”

They state the only students allowed to opt-out are:

  • Public-school students who are deemed “Medically Exempt” are not required to take the statewide exams. Districts/families follow a rigorous process for medical exemption.
  • Public-school students who are placed at an out-of-state educational facility. It is possible to test such students, but the district would need to send a certified staff member across state lines (or bring the students back to the home school) for the entire battery of tests in order to administer the test. The state does not allow out-of-state school staff to administer our in-state test at this point.

They also provide a sample letter that local education agencies can send.  This is something that the Connecticut Legislature will need to remedy forthwith.

Gary Tobin January 12, 2014 at 05:26 PM
More parents want their children to skip CT standardized tests http://www.ctmirror.org/political-mirror/2013/12/11/more-parents-want-their-children-skip-ct-standardized-tests ---The State Department of Education reports that a "greater number of parents [are] desiring to remove their children from participation in the statewide testing program." In previous years only a handful of parents statewide sought an exemption from the state and federal requirements that every student be tested in math, reading and writing in Grades 3 through 8 and 10th grade. Science tests are administered in selected grades as well. The department in itsr monthly newsletter suggests that local educators and state officials respond to such requests by telling parents "that the district has no degrees of freedom in the matter... As long as the student is enrolled in a Connecticut public school, the district is required to test them." In cases where parents still refuse to allow their child to be tested, the district "generally" does not test the student and "the state, to date, has not done any follow-up on these cases" the department reports. The department also provides a sample letter for districts to use to give to parents who ask that their child not be tested. "Until such legislation changes, the Department of Education and each school district must comply with federal and state mandates," read the letter on website.
Concerned Parent January 13, 2014 at 06:48 PM
These actions are being prompted by parents who are concerned their children are getting pigeon-holed by their respected districts via these standardized tests. Their districts, like Milford, are using these assessments to make academic decisions defining their children's educational future. Milford did it with CMTs and they will do it with any other new assessment that is put in place. It's an utterly disgusting reality being perpetrated by people who really have no clue about how to educate our children.


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